Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Layperson CPR

I used to think that the more people who knew CPR, the better off we would be as a population, until last night. Had a call from EMS that stated they were bringing in a patient that had received bystander CPR, patient had a oulse and had in fact never appeared to lose one, vital signs were stable. Pt was complaining of chest pain. Apparently, Papa had passed out drunk in the floor, and Mama and son, got scared and immediately started into CPR, WITHOUT FIRST FEELING FOR A PULSE. So as they were going to town on chest compressions (they had to be doing very adequately, the patient had 3 cracked ribs), the patient awakens from his drunken stupor and starts swinging. Ems arrives to see the son on the dad doing chest compressions, and about 30 seconds later, the dad startwildly cussing snd swinging. Only injuries noted was a very bruised sternum that extended to the left side and 3 cracked ribs. And we could not get the family to understand that they in fact DID NOT save their dad's lofe. They were bragging to everyone that once CPR started, the dad awakened quickly, hmmm, wonder why?

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