Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Love This Game!

This is one of the things i love about college football, especially in my favorite conference, the SEC. You have Kentucky and South Carolina with undefeated records right now, these two teams are usually near the bottom of the East(although granted the gamecocks now have the one of the best coaches ever in college football so they were expected to improve), with Vanderbilt having a winning record at 2-1. The "powerhouses" of the east, Tennessee and Georgia both have losing conference records(0-1), while Tennessee just has a losing record(2-1)and has fallen out of the top 25(oh it kills me so....). Florida is sitting at the top, which even though they won the BCS last year, it was not believed that their offense or defense would hold up this year.

Now onto the West. Alabama which was not even ranked preseason, is top of the conference, with LSU right behind. (Al has played more conference games than LSU presently). LSU has arguably the best team in college football this year. Mississippi State beat Auburn, who was previously ranked fairly high in the polls. Arkansas and Auburn both have shown disappointments. About the only team who has not surprised anyone, as of yet, is Mississippi.

Unless you have lived in the South, I do not believe anyone truly understands the deep significance it plays in our lives. ERs and stores are ghost towns, college towns populations quadruple, RV's park outside of stadiums, long road trips are planned to away games, weddings and other important things are scheduled around ball games. Teams can go all season long losing and as long as they beat their rivals, the season is salvaged (Alabama and Auburn, Tennessee and Florida, Mississippi state and Mississippi, etc) or vice versa, you can win all year long and if you do not beat your rival, all those other wins are insignificant. Everyone replays all of the games the next day in great detail, everyone becomes a football expert. Bragging rights are held all year long to the winner. It is the strongest conference hands down,our weakest teams can hang with any team in any other conference and can beat most, maybe not the conference champs, but usually the second or third teams. There are no easy conference games for anyone.

How can anyone not love college football?

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