Friday, July 20, 2007

What sense does this make?

Ok, I wanted to keep this blog out of politics and strictly on what I see in work, but had a converstaion that really got my ilk up. It was about raising the minimum wage. Now I don't know what kind of logic these people are raised on, but it is not sound. What part of the word minimum do these people not understand? Let's say that you have worked at a place for 3 years and when you started, you made minimum wage. After being a faithful and good employee, you have worked your way up to 6.75 an hour. Now all of a sudden, the feds have decided that minimum wage needs to be increased to 6.50 an hour. You have essentially just lost 1.35 of your hourly income, because do you think that corporations are going to raise anyone's income besides those at the bottom? NO!!!! So those making minimum wage are now, *gasp* still making less than anyone else in the country currently legally working, and those who have clawed their way slightly above minimum wage are knocked back down to the bottom. Now also keep in mind that the money to pay these people more has to come from somewhere, so prices will be going up to make up for the diference, this is called inflation. So what we have are people, still making minimum wage, although it is a higher amount, prices going up, and the only ones making out are the government(increased tax revenue) and politicians (it actuallysounds good on paper to propose this).

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Spook, RN said...

Just think about it - if minimum wage actually worked, why stop at $6.50 an hour? Why not start at 50 an hour? How about $100 an hour?

The reason is simple: minimum wage is bogus and economically unsound. It truly is "anti-poor".