Sunday, July 22, 2007

Only One more Day....

I should have known that last night was gonna suck big, cause Friday night went too well. I had time to go to the bathroom twice, actually sit down and eat my dinner without having to rush, and go and see some people from my old unit to talk for awhile. We had time to sit at the nurses desk and shoot the breeze. I opened the night with my favorite doc and closed it with an ok one. Even had time to try out Nurse K's fake poo recipe....Then last night.....ugh. 4 GSW, 1 DOA and unable to return the rhythm. The DOA made me even more mad when I found out that the paient had been laying in the street for over two hours according to bystanders, and no one thought to call for help! And they admitted this when someone finally decided to call 911. Two of the GSWs were together in the same bed and got shot up, none above the waist, and 2 in a very unfortunate place, between the two there were over 10 wounds, they pissed someone off... the last GSW and I quote" found a rifle in the woods behind my grandfather's house, accidentally shot myself, and threw it back into the woods, I have no idea where it is now." Likely story esp since this was a drop and run in the ambulance ramp. 2 stabbings, one which was a steak knife, 1 inch cut in the neck, which pierced the aorta, talk about an unlucky hit, didn't make it through surgery. A heart alert, a full code and an intubation, and these were just mine and my bed partners'. Didn't have time to find out about the rest of the ER. Foolishly ordered out, and brought the food home for breakfast, and still have one more night, oh well, time to hit the sack and hope for a better night.

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